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Our Story

I grew up on an organic farm in Northern California. I was blessed to have loving parents who taught me the importance of healthy eating and living.  My dear father was from Hawaii and my precious mother was from Oklahoma. From an early age they both instilled in me to, "always eat my fruits and vegetables and take good care of my skin."  


Fast forward to 2008, I received the devastating news that mother had the beginning stages of Alzheimer's disease. Father was also struggling with an auto-immune disease. In 2010, it was finally necessary to provide elder care for them in my home. As they reached further into their twilight years, their skin had become extremely dry and dehydrated. I purchased numerous and expensive over the counter products that just did not work!


It was now time to use all my years of experience with organic and natural ingredients, along with divine inspiration, to create a PURE skin care product! After much prayer and perseverance, KALOKA KARE is FINALLY HERE! I am so blessed and excited to have the privilege of sharing Kaloka Kare with you! Kaloka Kare is dedicated back to GOD and to my parents. Kaloka Kare will help continue to keep their memory alive. 

As a one woman, Christian company, I am committed to my Kaloka Kare family and my core values: Integrity, Exceptional Quality and Customer Service, Passion with a Purpose to Give Back, Stay Humble and Have Fun! To Give Back, a donation from Kaloka Kare proceeds will go to the following Charities: Arizona Alzheimer's Association, Joni and Friends Ministry and New Beginnings Center of Payson, Az.

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